About me

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Agustín Grau, and although academically licensed in law, I have dedicated my whole life to business and entrepreneurship.

I started my professional career working as a lawyer for various years, but I quickly started to put my business models into practice, mainly passively.

I have developed companies both in the physical world and online, and have invested in startups, stock markets, and financial products.

A consequence of all of this is that I was quickly able to reach my dream, to be financially free and dedicate to what I enjoy the most: teaching others to also be financially free.

I write on www.agustingrau.com and have published various books, courses, and digital products in Spanish, my mother tongue. Many of these have been bestsellers. The main one: 100 passive income streams, which after volumes of amazing sales in Spanish, has reached the English-language market.

In addition to this, Financial Freedom in Two Steps: The Proven Method to Generate Passive Income from Scratch, has also been published in English.

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